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Come Play With Jenny

Swinging Exhibitionist

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I am Jenny, and I would like to welcome you to my site.

I am swinging exhibitionist,

  • The swinging bit means that I enjoy sex with people other than my husband (and he likes to watch), it does not mean I will have sex with anyone, but if you turn me on you have a good chance of some action with me.
  • The exhibitionist bit means that like to show off my body to anyone who wants to watch.

I am currently adding new photos, so if you have not visited for a while take a look at my new content. When I am finished the site will have over 1000 photographs, some of me flashing, and many of me in action with my friends and some of the fun people I have met.

I love sex, sex and more sex. My husband loves to watch me playing with other people, sometimes he just watches sometimes joins in, but he usually has a camera handy, as he loves to take pictures to remind us of the fun we have had.

My bio page will tell you lots about me, including my likes, dislikes and stats.

I like to make new friends, so if you are interested in meeting for a bit of fun, and a few photographs for this site, then drop me a line. You can find out all the details on how to meet me here.

My members area is where you will find all the naughty pictures of me. You will be able to see me getting naughty with my friends, and other fun people we have met in all different places, bars, beaches and lots more. Membership is free, drop me a line and tell me why you would like a membership.

Come back soon.

Jenny xxxx